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We believe in teachers and schools and their need to focus on what is important. Education is a serious thing and educators need someone serious to accompany them.

Idukay intends to strengthen the relationship between parents, school and students. Transforming schools in digital institutions.

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Featured mention

Idukay mentioned in an article found in the digital technology magazine Tekzup:

"Idukay es una plataforma de gestión académica, enfocada en educación K12 (primaria y secundaria) que se encarga de automatizar básicamente todos los procesos académicos dentro de una institución educativa así como de mejorar la comunicación e interacción entre los diferentes usuarios relacionados a un colegio: los profesores, los estudiantes, los padres de familia y los administrativos."

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  • What are the technical specifications of Idukay?

    • Fully Web Platform
    • 100% responsive: Works on tablets, smartphones and computers
    • Developed 100% Java Script - CSS3 and HTML5 using Node.JS for the server side
    • Side Server and Side Server JS
    • Framework Angular JS - (ref: Google Aps, Youtube)
    • MongoDB Database - (ref: Best database in the market to handle Big Data)
    • Design UX - User Experience - None in the Ecuadorian market
    • Continuous Integration - No functionality comes into production without passing an automated or manual test control
    • Hosted 100% in the cloud with dedicated and scalable servers to ensure application usability, speed and availability
    • Server maintenance and information backup guarantees are part of the service
  • How long does it take to configure Idukay?

    Due to the simplicity of our platform, Idukay can be configured in a record time of two weeks.


  • How can I suscribe to Idukay?

    You can contact us by clicking on the CONTACT button at the top of the site. A commercial advisor will contact you to schedule an appointment.

  • Where is my school information hosted?

    All of the information found in Idukay is stored on redundant and secure servers in the cloud. We make constant online backups for each of our client institutions.